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Bron Coucke Professional / Classic Mandoline

$159.50 SKU: r6100
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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Bron Coucke Professional / Classic Mandoline

Bron Coucke Stainless Steel Professional / Classic Mandoline 38 blade Vegetable Slicer, Model #20638CHB

This professional Bron Mandoline
vegetable slicer is made of 100% stainless
steel and is used to slice an endless variety  of fruits and vegetables.

With its three cutting blades, glide plates and thickness adjustment mechanism, this traditional French mandolin is well equipped to slice, julienne, crinkle and waffle cut. The julienne blade is a reversible 38 prong blade.
One side has 10 teeth with a 3/8" spacing; the other has 28 teeth with 1/8" spacing. Levers allow for gradual thickness adjustments from paper thin slices up to 1/2" slices.
The mandoline comes with a hand plastic pusher to anchor and slide vegetables and fruit along the glide plate and protects the
fingers from the blades.

History of Bron-Coucke Bron-Coucke : professional kitchen equipment

Professional Kitchen Equipment In the 50s, at Thonon-les-Bains, on the edge of the Leman lake, near Geneva, Jean BRON decides to manufacture a manual vegetable slicer in steel, on the request of Chefs, instead of existing wooden items. The mandoline is born and Jean BRON is determined to make it well known in the whole world, associated with the BRON trademark, the litlle red flag.

All professional kitchens in the world know the BRON mandoline. Jean BRON will afterwards manufacture a chipper, a bread slicer, a dicer, with the same quality.

Today, BRON-COUCKE continues to provide professional kitchens with simple, well-built, reliable solutions and to invest in the study of quality utensils.

History of the Mandoline At the very beginning, the slicer was not yet called the mandoline. But it without any doubt has very old origins. Effectively the first illustrated culinary book was published in 1570 by Bartolomeo Scappi who was pope Pius VIs cook. One of his books illustrations shows a small board with a central cutting blade and with other small perpendicular blades to cut vegetables into thin sticks. We are not able to give an exact date but, given the details of the drawings, such a slicer had probably existed for a long time. The musical instrument, the Mandoline, was created in Italy near Naples. Its ancestor, called the "Mandorre" was an instrument with stiff strings.

This name was probably used for the cooking instrument before the Second World War. However, it was well-known from 1949. Then, Mr Jean BRON, a man from "Haute-Savoie" born in Morzine, made the first metal version. In this way, a wooden vegetable slicer invented by Mr Marcel Forelle, from Toulouse in the south of France, in 1930 was modernized.

The cooking instrument was given the name of the musical one because cooks "play" their mandoline in the same way as musicians. It is often said that at the beginning, the mandoline didn't have a folding stand. The cook simply held it pressed against his chest to slice the vegetables directly above the dish.

It is interesting to notice that in professional cooking, other equipment takes the name of musical instruments such as the piano and the guitar.

  • All Stainless steel construction except pusher knob which is made of plastic
  • Comes with a double sided julienne cutter with 3mm/10mm cuts, waffle plate, center plate and pusher/guard~
  • The Professional Bron Mandoline can made a variety of custs like french-fry, julienne, scalloped slices, match stick, medium dice, fine dice, waffle cuts, and more
  • Comes with safety guide and stand
  • Care: Hand Washing
  • Dimensions are 12"L x 5"W x 2"H when folded.
  • Weighs 4 lbs.
  • Made in France
  • Recommended by Burt Wolf in The Cook's Catalogue

$159.50 SKU: r6100
Quantity: View Cart
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