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Mitoku Hato Mugi Grain 1 lb. Bag

Mitoku Hato Mugi Grain 1 lb. Bag $6.79
Mitoku Hato Mugi Grain 5 lb. Bag $32.30
Mitoku Hato Mugi Grain 55 lb. Bag $348.89

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Mitoku Hato Mugi Grain 1 l... reviews

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great for damp Apr 16, 2011 Josh San Francisco CA US
  I love hato mugi, or job's tears. I assume it's out of stock because of the tsunami. I look forward to its return. more...
Pleasing taste and texture Dec 17, 2009 Jon Sund Green Cove Springs FL US
  Job's Tear's or Hato Mugi is an excellent substitute for Pearl Barley that is gluten free. I have used it to make Mushroom Hato Mugi (Barley) Soup and in a... more...
Awesome Texture Feb 6, 2008 Basia St. Paul MN US
  This ancient grain is really easy to prepare. I mix it with brown rice and sweeten as a breakfast porridge. It can be added to soups. The texture holds up... more...

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Mitoku Hato Mugi Grain 1 lb. Bag

Hato Mugi is known in the West as Job's Tears and dates back to Biblical times. Commonly prepared as a small side dish, cooked with rice or other grain, or added to your favorite soups or stews. Hato Mugi is actually a Japanese grass seed erroneously translated as pearl barley. Hato Mugi has been used in Japanese Kampo (traditional herbal medicine) for treating bronchitis and other respiratory diseases and ailments. This amazing grain is also traditionally used in the Orient for weight-loss and beauty. Mitoku "Yuuki" Hato mugi is the unrefined variety which is slightly brown due to its intact outer skin, unlike the regular Mitoku Hato Mugi which is white-colored as it has been polished. "Yuuki" Hato Mugi has a stronger, nutty taste.

Ingredients: Japanese Premium Hato Mugi: Job's Tears (polished).

Hato Mugi (Japanese Job's Tears) is one of the world's oldest grains and has been cultivated for thousands of years in both the East and West. It was the staple of Egypt under the pharaohs, ancient Greece and Rome, the Holy Land during Biblical times and Tibet. This heirloom barley is chewy, extremely easy to digest, and nourishing. In the Far East hato mugi is traditionally eaten to dissolve excess protein and fat from animal food consumption and to clean up blemishes of the skin. Hato Mugi is often times marketed under the name Pearl Barley, but should not be confused with pearled barley, which is regular barley that has been partially milled.

Uses: Add to soups, stews, or casseroles or cook with rice or other grains, cook with vegetable dishes, use as a stuffing for squashes or cabbage or add in whole form to make bread, muffins, and other baked goods. Also, may be used to make a medicinal tea or used externally as a facial mask.

Mitoku Hato Mugi Grain 1 lb. Bag $6.79
Mitoku Hato Mugi Grain 5 lb. Bag $32.30
Mitoku Hato Mugi Grain 55 lb. Bag $348.89
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