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Mac Chrome-Molydenum Triple-Bonded Steel Paring Knife

Boxed-PKF-50 4.9" Blade

$29.00 SKU: 88509
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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Mac Chrome-Molydenum Triple-Bonded Steel Paring Knife

The Paring knife is the most valuable, most widely used knife in any kitchen. Mac Paring Knives will outlast any comparable knife.

Mac & Katana contemporary kitchen knives were born from the ancient, samurai tradition. They combine revolutionary sharpness and durability with a innovative design for cutting efficiency and safety. For centuries the Japanese have perfected the art of making high precision blades for every cutting job. These are the sharpest, most rugged, multi-use kitchen knives ever made for home or professional use...and they never need sharpening, just occasionally touch-up by passing the cutting blade across a ceramic sharpening rod and the knives will hold their sharpness for years and years. Generations of practice and development, reinforced by the latest computer technology, bring you the ideal knife for today's kitchen. Beautiful, enduring and safe; they are uniquely designed to keep your fingers clear of the cutting board. Each knife's handle is bonded to the steel, a masterpiece of precision and superb craftsmanship. Imagine slicing bread paper thin; you can do it neatly and effortlessly with a Mac knife. With the proper treatment and good care, these knives will last a lifetime.

Paring knife made with triple-bonded chrome-molydenum steel, handle made of Japanese Ebony Teak wood.

$29.00 SKU: 88509
Quantity: View Cart
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