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Mitoku Traditional Natto Spores .1 oz.

.1 oz / 2.83 gram Tube

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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Mitoku Traditional Natto Spores .1 oz.

Untitled Document Natto-Moto, or Natto Spores are the key starter in making Japanese fresh natto. Use these essentials to make your own delicious, natural Japanese culinary treats at home!

Ingredients: Japanese natural natto starter spores (powder) nattomoto. Sold with full English Instructions.

Mitoku Japanese Takahashi nattomoto (Translated from Japanese

(Natto Spores Powder & Spoon)

10 Step Instructions for Making Homemade Natto

Utensils Needed:

  • Soybeans 2.2 lb. (1 Kg.)
  • Sterilized Water 10 ml (Boil water for 5-10 minutes)
  • One spoonful of Nattomoto powder (0.1g) - Please note: 1special measuring spoon is provided in every box
  • Sterilized Cheese Cloth (small mesh)
  • Sterilized Pot
  • Sterilized Stainless steel Large Spoon
  • 3-4 Sterilized ovenproof Glass Containers with lids


  1. Wash the soybeans and soak for 9 hours (Summer) to 12 hours (Winter).
  2. Drain and boil the soybeans for 9 hours on the stove (or use a pressure cooker)* until thesoybeans are soft enough to easily break with your fingers.*If you use the pressure cooker, please follow the directions that came with it.
  3. Drain and place the beans in a sterilized pot.
  4. Dissolve one special spoonful of Nattomoto (0.1g) in the sterilized water 10 ml
  5. Pour Nattomoto solution immediately over the beans and stir them carefully with asterilized stainless steel spoon.(Beans should still be still warm.)
  6. Divide the bean mixture in 3-4 shallow glass containers. Do not put a lot of beans in 1 container, asthey should be a thin layer. Be extra careful not to spill any bean mixture.Discard any mixture that is spilled as it should NOT be added back to the containers.
  7. Put sterilized cheese cloth on the container and cover with a tight fitting lid.
  8. Preheat the oven or a Japanese Warmer (KOTATSU) to 100 F (38 C).
  9. Place the covered containers in a 100F (38 C) to 103F (40C) oven or warmer.Let the natto ferment for 22 to 24 hours.
  10. Remove from the oven (or warmer), remove the lid (keep the cloth inplace) and put it into the refrigerator for one night. The next morning the natto is ready!


For optimal results:

The entire process should be as sterile as possible. Every cooking utensil must be sterilized by boil

each instrument 5-10 minutes prior to making natto.

$10.95 SKU: 88040
Quantity: View Cart
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